About us

Atticus Barbell Club is a British Weightlifting Affiliated Club
Based in CrossFit Epsom, Ascension Training.
Unit 2, Eclipse Estate, 30 West Hill, Epsom KT19 8JD

Formed in 2023 by Aaron Holt & Jess Roebuck-Slaney, Atticus is a community driven weightlifting club for all ages, experiences and abilities.

A core focus at Atticus Barbell is creating a training environment that everyone thrives in. Our priority is developing a community of weightlifters that support one another to grow and succeed in our individual goals within the sport – whether thats improving technique, building strength or gaining confidence, together we’ll achieve more. From individual coaching to Friday evening socials, we’ve got something for everyone.

We support weightlifters of all levels to reach their full potential by maintaining high standards in our coaching, individual and group programming and coached classes. Everything at Atticus is suitable for all levels, from beginners to competing athletes. There is no minimum strength required, the movement patterns are the same no matter the weight on the bar (or PVC pipe).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never tried weightlifting before, is this for me?

We firmly believe that weightlifting is for everyone, so yes, this is for you. Many of our clubs members, and indeed the coaches, found weightlifting later in life and we were once beginners in the class or the gym, too. We know what its like to try something so new and to worry that you might not have the skills or the strength or mobility required. But thats ok, most people don’t come to their first class able to do all the movement patterns required to snatch, clean and jerk – but thats what we’re here for! Come down for a free session and try us out… you’ll see.

  • Do you do individualised programmings?

Aaron definitely does….

  • I am a competitive Athlete, do you coach for competition?

Absolutely, not only that, but all of our coaches are qualified technical officials with BWL. So competition performance in line with the rules and regulations of the sport, is our speciality. We can support with pre-comp programming and on the day coaching as well as any other coaching you might need in this arena

  • Can I just use open gym?

For sure, get in touch and we can talk this through with you…