Meet The Team

Aaron Holt
BWL L2 Coach

Aaron's passion for weightlifting stems from his CrossFit days, but having seen the light, those days are long behind him. As a masters lifter, he has won medals at national and international level and is the current British record holder for the snatch in his age/weight class. His passion for lifting spurred him on to qualify as an IWF Technical Official as well as a Level 2 coach. As a technician, he studies the lifts meticulously. He believes there are no shortcuts to lifting, just hard work and dedication. 

Favourite lift: The snatch. 

Favourite saying: For every level there's another devil. 

Favourite food: Chocolate with chocolate on top... and some chocolate on the side. 

Jess Roebuck-Slaney
BWL L2 Coach

Jess' love for lifting is all consuming. Dedication, devotion, hard work, and perseverance are the cornerstone to Jess' lifting. As a competitive lifter and Level 3 BWL Technical Official, Jess knows the warm up area like the back of her hand. 

As a Level 2 BWL coach, Jess is the consummate professional and works hard to break down flaws in technique, rebuilding the lifts to be better and stronger. An advocate for youth development,  her passion for lifting is infectious. 

Favourite lift: The rest between sets. 

Favourite saying: Yeah buddy, light weight! 

Favourite food: Falafel burger

Angela Wyss

Angela's weightlifting pedigree makes her the ideal head coach for Atticus. Swiss national champion (2 years in a row!!),  and L2 CrossFit coach gives her the ability to program our training blocks that cover all areas of progression. She loves to travel but no matter what the location, her lifters are always packed in the bag first. 

Whatever your level, Angela has the experience to help take you to that next level.